Home Construction & Double Glazing

Although the doors and windows in a new home may not seem to be the most important features, choosing the right ones can make your home more visually appealing, add value to it and save you money on your energy bills.

Good Quality Adds Value 

Replacing your doors and windows is relatively simple and also fairly inexpensive, when it comes to other home renovations. However, some great looking window frames or an attractive new door can instantly give the exterior of your home a new look, and can appeal to buyers who are looking for that all important first impression. You can assume up to an 85 percent return on your investment if you replace your fading and dated garage doors; while new windows or double glazing throughout your home can add anything up to 10,000 pounds to the asking price. A solid looking front door and a new garage door also convey a sense of security, and can help to deter thieves.

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The Benefits of Double Glazing

Most of us understand that double glazing can help to significantly reduce draughts from the home, and cut down on heat loss, meaning potential savings on your monthly energy bills. The average home can expect to see a reduction of between 80 and 120 pounds per year, and as well as the savings, most of today's high quality double glazing will last for many years. And of course, this type of double paned window also helps to block sound, an ideal solution for anyone with noisy neighbours or living on a main road. Double glazed windows are also a lot better for the environment, and a house with this type of window will almost certainly sell before a similar house with single pane windows.

Variety and Choice

Installing new doors or windows is typically a quick and easy job, and depending on the size of your home can be accomplished within a few days. And when it comes to choosing a more appealing looking door or some more modern windows, you may be spoilt for choice. Whether you want a traditional look for your farmhouse or cottage, or something more modern looking yet just as visually appealing, there are plenty of options to choose from. Finding the perfect windows or doors for your budget and to match the look and style of your home is easy with a little research and shopping around.